Mural Short Film Screening Vol. 3.3

Thursday – 23.05.2024 – 18:00

Mural is a series of film screenings that aims to celebrate the work of FLINTA/BIWOC/BIPOC filmmakers – more specifically artists with a migration or refugee background – platforming films made with skill and imagination despite the difficulties these artists face accessing resources, spaces and funding. We showcase a wide variety of genres and visual experiments in order to build an alternative space through which to present our voices to the world. With fragments assembled from collective memory, we enrich our visual imagination and in doing so create our own mural.

Collective Mural is a BIPOC Berlin based cultural project founded in 2022 by a group of creatives to promote BIPOC work in different fields of the art. They aim to develop a multidisciplinary relation at the intersection of culture, art, and activism.

Explorations of mental health and gender transition, memories of childhood and the push and pull of familial connections, romantic dating and expressing affection through the power of music; the third volume of the Mural screening series brings together 8 films by up and coming FLINTA/BIWOC/BIPOC filmmakers from around the world.

Iranmehr Salimi, Iran 2023, 13 min. Farsi with English subtitles

Kingdom of Strangers
Randa Ali, Egypt 2022, 15 min. Arabic with English subtitles

Dandane Brahim, Algeria 2023, 16 min. Arabic with English subtitles

A Matter of Cultural Differences
Mattia Vuono, Germany 2023, 8 min. English

Ali’s Diaries
Yousef Menesy, Egypt 2023, 8 min. Arabic with English subtitles

My Mother’s Wound
Gulzat Matisakova, Kyrgyzstan 2021, 10 min. English, DCP

Once Upon A Time In Damascus
Alaa Ghorra, Syria 2023, Duration: 16 min. Arabic with English subtitles

The Path of Noise
Rodrigo Jardon, Mexico 2023, 19 min. Spanish with English subtitles