Square eyes for our Kiez!

It goes on! Yaaayyyy!!!

At least with the Filmkunst, our DVD-shop. Our crowdfunding campagin has already accumulated a quarter of the targeted sum, so we can open the gates of the Filmkunst daily for 3 hours, from 5 to 8pm. It starts from Monday the 20th of April.

Thanks, for making this possile, as without the cinema, which has to stay closed until at least the third of May, our DVD-rental alone is not profitable enough. There’s a sad reason why so many small DVD-rentals already had to close. The crowdfunding campaign allows us on the one hand to provide square eyes for our Kiez again – even if it’s only at home- and on the other hand it can financially sustain some of our co-workers, who got in to financial troubles because of the current situation. Now they can go back to work.

To further sustain this, we are still dependent on support. If you could imagine to be a supporter, just follow this link. Thank you, and sorry that that link brings you to a site that’s only in German.

Our DVD-rental is purely dedicated to bring happiness to film lovers and shouldn’t contribute in spreading the virus, so we want to follow these procedures:

  1. Please bring some sort of face maks, even if it’s just a shawl.
  2. Come alone or at max with tweo people. More aren’t allowed inside anyways. We will tell you when you can come in.
  3. Please take care to keep proper distance from other guests, also if you might be waiting at the entrance.
  4. We will provide plastic gloves.
  5. We are disenfecting the DVD-cases regularly. We cannot do that with the DVDs themselves, so they have to be quarantained for four days after coming home to us. That means, some films might be unavailable for some time.
  6. As usual, you can only pay cash here. Please try to bring the exact amount if possible. If you are unsure about the price, you can ask when you rent the DVDs.
  7. For hygenic reasons our toilets cannot be used. Unfortunately, we’re also not allowed to sell drinks.

Huhh. That was it. We are happy that we can continue, even if it’s in this somewhat weird frame. Thanks again, for all the support, and see you soon!